The Meaning of Light Festivals

Light Festivals have become increasingly popular within the past years and are sprouting out of the earth everywhere. They provide magic moments for visitors as well as for local citizens because Light Festivals are representing their cities in a completely new light. Landmarks, buildings and monuments will be illuminated by diverse projection art. Places are brightly shining by luminous sculptures and installations in new dimensions. Innovative technology and interactive tools integrates visitors into the event. Artists and creative teams, curators and initiators are very carefully and lovingly creating their programs in order to enthuse all guests and to leave lasting impressions.

Originally inspired by religious Light Festivals, a tradition of high technological Light Festivals has developed itself over the years all over the world. Also the “Diwali” (hindu Light Festival in India) or the Israeli “Chanukka” surely contributed, that we are celebrating Light Festivals the way we know them today.

During the day, cities often provide tours and insights into their history and culture. But in the evening, then one obtains an emotional perspective by beautiful illuminations.

Immerse yourself in the world of Light Festivals – a visit is always worthwhile!